Friday, May 30, 2008

I'M so self-conscious

Im already taking after Kanye. Not only do I blog like a champ, (respect, Arenas) but I'm immediately questioning everything about this blog. Firstly, is this a chump background? Secondly, Am I ridiculous for doing this? Hmmm, maybe Ill stick to the impersonal.

Lakers in the Finals, lets get it.

About? Will anyone ever see this?

So, I guess this is mostly for myself as an outlet on which to write when I'm really bored or can't sleep. Obviously I'm hopeful, and very confident that writing this blog will shoot me to stardom faster than the people at Im pretty terrified to think that anyone real might actually read this, but I'm consoled by the fact that absolutely no one will, and thus I can imagine myself productive without even being so. What I will be writing here are as follows:

Goofy ass Poetry/Gobbledegook (perfect example below)
Rhymes that are possibly a bit more serious (good luck)
Random commentary on pop culture (NBA, the idiots on the Real World, Chuck Klosterman's obsession with himself, etc.) ((Obviously I want to be Chuck Klosterman which is why Im hating)) (((Im inventing the double and triple parentheses as a sort of in sentence ps)))
Hopefully for anyone who ever stumbles across this I will never write anything about my personal life, other than in passing.