Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ludacris: new mixtape, new single, new political insight

Luda's been a busy man recently. He dropped the mixtape The Preview: Gangsta Grillz (with DJ Drama), the two highlights of which are Big Ass House, a semi-mockery of Rick Ross's The Boss, and Politics, which Fox News has decided to speak about as if it were co-penned by Obama himself.

I'm actually surprised that Hannity had that many people against him on his own show.

Ludacris's the Preview is nothing special, but his new single is a complete banger, featuring Chris Brown and Sean Garrett. Download it here.

Other good songs to check out on the preview if you just can't get enough Luda: Smokin Big Kill ft. Shawnna (a female rapper in the usual slutty mold), Throw it up feat. Wayne (I will be driving like Ricky Bobby) and Busta (who goes hard), and I'm a Dog, and Look What I Got, both featuring Playaz Circle

Oh and it's a preview because Luda's new album, Theatre of the Mind, is slated to be released October 21st. Sorry about the extra itlaics, damn things wouldn't go away. Please try to keep the complaints to a minimum in the comments section, those things are already so overloaded.

Semi-New Direction and Stupid Kanye Vest

I've decided that I'm going to do something new with this website. Originally I had created the blog (at 4 am when i could not get to sleep) as a forum for writing, hopefully about pop culture, and definitely about music. However, as anyone who reads this regularly has noticed (and I have no idea if you exist) this has mostly been a collection of links thrown up semi-randomly whenever I get the notion that it's time to post. This has resulted in a mishmash of linking nonsense with only a couple of worthwhile posts thrown into the mix every once in a while.

I've decided to change this by being more consistent in writing reviews of new music, both cds and mixtapes. Now usually I don't like to write reviews of cd's as soon as they come out, because my opinion (like many other people I know) changes with each consecutive listen. To remedy this, Im going to review new material several times over, so I will post a first listen review, and then several follow up reviews.

So, if anyone checks this regularly, be excited. Im going to do something!