Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If you have time to waste...

Oddly enough I was feeling kind of bad about not posting, but I really haven't seen much of value recently. And it's a pretty big stretch to think that I might come up with anything on my own. Although if anyone wants to email me topics or articles to comment on, I'd be happy to do that. So I'll expect to be inundated with those soon. Anyway this video is a cool little thing to promote Art Spiegelman (the guy who wrote Maus, which is the graphic novel about the holocaust and its aftereffects that uses mice for jews, pigs for poles, cats for nazis, etc.) Wow I lost track of that sentence.. anyway its promoting Art Spiegelman's new book. And it's soundtracked by the black keys. And its pretty cool if your into good animation. Or noses.

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