Sunday, February 22, 2009

I like the Oscars but there is nothing very interesting to say about them

Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire, unsurprisingly and totally deserved. That theme music is so good.

Equal rights. Please. Great speech from Sean Penn.

Anthony Hopkins is always scary.

I hope Sean Penn will win best actor, even though Mickey Rourke might have given a better performance. Rourke doesnt need any more awards. DONT WIN ROURKE DONT WIN DONT WIN DONT WIN. WOOOP WOOOP. haha. excellent.

I'm upset that Kate Winslet won best actress, see a couple of posts ago for why. Vanessa sucks. Kate acts surprised every time she wins for this role. Why?! You were the favorite! arrggghhh. Her dad whistling was nice though.

The former winners saying nice things about the nominees is a good model and I think it's worked well.

I love Anne Hathaway and Penelope Cruz.

Meryl Streep is nice.

Do people find Nicole Kidman attractive? I don't.

I like the "man on wire" guy.

At Danny Boyle: Of course the show is bloody wonderful if you're movie is killing it. Not that it doesn't deserve it. I love slumdog.

Hugh Jackman isn't very funny but it's ok because he's wolverine.

I wonder if its awkward for tom cruise when Tina Fey makes fun of scientology.

I wonder if anyone reads this, which is not something I'm supposed to do.

That Paul Newman quote was amazing, does anyone know what movie that was from?

I wish heath ledger had not died. His family's tribute to him was very nice.

Calvin and Hobbes is the best comic ever created.

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