Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Teaser trailer for Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds

Honestly, this is the movie I'm most excited about seeing this summer but this trailer actually made me a little bit worried for a couple of reasons. The basic plot behind Inglorious Basterds (and yes I'm spelling it right), is that Brad Pitt leads a company of brave Jewish soldiers to kill a bunch of Nazis. How could they screw that up? Well I thought they couldn't, but this admittedly (pretty much) worthless trailer has me a little worried. Firstly, two of the Jewish guys are played by Ryan from The Office and that little dude who thought he was asian from Not Another Teen Movie. Im not sure if these are the perfect characters to play Jews that might strike fear into the hearts of nazis and neo-nazis everywhere. Secondly,I'm starting to worry that watching Jews torture Nazis might not really be all that great, and because as of now the movie does not look half as stylized as I expected it to be it looks as if we might be forced to feel sorry for the Nazis? I'm sure this is all ridiculous and Tarantino will do as good a job as usual. After all, if in the trailer for Death Proof I had only seen the final scene where the girls kick the crap out of Stuntman Mike, I might have ended up feeling sorry for the crazy d-bag. That's why movies>trailers. So hopefully this somewhat underwhelming half-trailer means nothing but we'll just have to see in August. Or at least when the real trailer comes out.

Oh and I got the link from EW's popwatch blog

much too tired to add detail to this post but if you want to see a fuller version of the teaser trailer you can find it here:

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