Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Got a driver named wood DROW, opens the DO', SUICIDE DO'

Several things today so I'm going to split up the posts. Firstly, I've added my favorite links to the blog. I've heard this is how you begin to get web traffic of your own, because friendly bloggers link you back to give you a boost, and then real people start to read what you think and comment in all sorts of ways. (see I've realized that the only inspiration that I have to write on this other than boredom comes from the other things i read, and rather than just link to them in every single post, i'd rather have permanent links up. That way if I plagiarize at least it doesn't look as if im trying to be sneaky about it. So a short description of all the links:

No Trivia-Baltimore Writer Brandon Soderberg writes in-depth analysis of rap music and culture. In-depth analysis means in-depth analysis. Dude wrote an individual essay on every song on Graduation. Every so often he's brilliant, he's usually decent, and he's occasionally ridiculously pretentious, boring, and self-important.

Format Magazine-Urban Art and Fashion, not much more, highlights streetwear, modern graphic art, and occasionally good music

Complex Magazine-Mark Ecko's Magazine's Website, consummate consumer guide for streetwear that even white people can rock

Gilbert Arenas's Blog-The second most ridiculous player in the NBA (Stephen Jackson is an obvious first) blogs about basketball and his life. -Modele's blog (for anyone who knows him). Random ish, music news (usually about DC artists or N*E*R*D*), links to games and video. Generally well-written, always interesting news and song leaks

Passion of the Weiss- My favorite blog, music reviews and commentary with the occasional cultural side note.

Poisonous Paragraphs-Bostonian Dart Adam's Blog. posts are always of interest and he talks a lot. Thinks highly of the celtics (fuck the celtics) and himself. Music reviews are usually spot-0n, although Dart never really reveals what he thinks makes albums good, and has extrordinarily low standards. Also, his font is too small.

Not a Blogger-Excellent music blog, too bad posts are rare, never subtle, always entertaining.

Aquarium Drunkard-When posting about good artists, a very good blog. When not, completely worthless.

The Blowtorch-very funny basketball blog, rags on foreigners

Balldontlie, Hardwoodparoxysm, Freedarko, Ball Don't Lie- My brother's go to basketball blogs, all insightful, all worth reading.

Bill Simmons link-Obvious, another Bostonian.

Oh Word-Hip Hop forum, blog posts range from very good to very terrible. (i have said very 2000 times in this post, Im obviously getting bored, Lets speed it up)

Commonwealth-Cool Clothes

elitetaste-DC clothes, culture, music

The Hundreds-best Clothes in the country

There We Go.

P.S. Listen to Bad Side, by Wayne and Juelz, terrible lyrics but the song still turns out great

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