Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Seeing Sounds Review

Seeing Sounds is the third N*E*R*D* album, and it sounds like a conflation of the first two, In search of's spacey, hip-hop disco sound combined with the rock of Fly or Die. Unsurprisingly this makes for a great combination as the Neptunes make a very good album.


Time for Some Action-decent starter track, not the best the album has to offer, can Pharrell really see sounds? I don't think so, but he is one of the most succesful producers ever. Who knows?

Everyone Nose (All the Girls Standing in the Line for the Bathroom)- Fantastic first single, still not old even though it's been out forever, Lindsay Lohan does a cameo in the music video, as soon as I learn how to link videos easily I'll link it.

Windows-good song, only certain people (basically only Pharrell) could get away with this level of creepiness. This song sounds as if you added to a hip hop beat to seventies trash pop and came out golden.

Anti matter- I can't figure out whether I like this song or not, and whether it is annoying or just really cool.

Spaz-so good that even being played 12483943 times on Zune commercials during the playoffs hasn't ruined it

Yeah You-another very good song, about a fan/stalker, not much else to say,

Sooner or Later-At first I thought that this song was over-emotional repetitive trash. But it's not. The melody is extremely catchy, and the song just gets better as it moves along. Don't skip it after hearing the first falsetto line

Happy-Perfect Summer song, best lyrics on the album (not quite the strong suit of the band), another good one

Kill Joy-Decent, the breathing at the beginning is pretty annoying, but the song gets better. It sounds like grandmaster flash wrote this one though. Not particularly inspired lyrics, and Pharells bullet noises are kind of strange.

Love Bomb-Similar to Sooner or Later in that at first it kind of sucks, but it gets better and better, turning into a very likeable song

You Know What-Good Pop, would be a standout if this album werent so good already

Laugh About It-energize album closer, similar to You Know What, not much else to say.

Id rate the album about a 8.0 on a scale of 10, (I have lower standards than pitchfork). Every song is worth listening to, most are very good.

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