Sunday, January 10, 2010

Animal Collective: Brothersport Video

For some reason, people seem to believe that a hyped band is often a band not worth listening to, disregarding the opinions of thousands which is literally what hype is. Normally we see this attitude when holier-than-thous discuss pop music (which means that they're missing the most digestible, danceable, and viscerally appealing music that is put out) but occasionally, when the holier than the holier-than-thous get together, they discuss between themselves why bands like animal collective and phoenix are overrated. And that's ridiculous. Watch this video, and listen to the song, both are equally excellent and together they're dam* near undeniable.


Satyre said...
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Satyre said...

first comment went full retard on me, lets try again

ok, Animal Collective rule, i'm not denying that.

but don't believe the hype, @ P.E.

just cuz it's hyped does not actually always mean its good, it merely means that popular media outlets support it.
Hype is not always the opinion of thousands, in fact it can be created through the opinions of a tiny minority of 'tastemakers', whatever that means.
I love animal collective, I love phoenix and I love some pop music. But i like things based on my own taste and the taste of people/media outlets i respect. Not some generalized 'hype. It can be a good indicator of something good, but at the same time hype is fallible. Vanilla Ice had tons of hype.

Bromwhiched said...

yeah, i agree for sure, point taken. I guess the trick is distinguishing the good hype from the bad, and going with the critics you trust rather than a collective critical opinion. Thanks for commenting dude