Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ok, lets try this thing again

Hi everybody,

Ok, so first off, by everybody I mean Suarez, Julie, and George, because those are the only three people who have ever told me that they have read my blog (other than Kira, who I think just did so out of filial curiosity). The reason I'm starting this up again is, firstly so I have a place to write about things I'm interested in, which I currently do in a little black notebook that could easily get lost, or stolen by the imaginary person who is interested enough in my ideas to steal them. Secondly, I'm going to Australia this semester, and (as much hate as I might receive for this(Brice)), almost everyone who has ever traveled abroad has told me to record everything I can about the experience, both for other people who are interested and for myself. That way when you all are sick to death from hearing me talk about sand surfing while attached to kangaroos I'll be able to relive it without retelling it an enormous number of times. This blog will be kept squeaky clean, as I think there will be some boomers frequenting it, (mom, dad, maybe peter) but as I used to do, I'll hand out links to stuff I'm interested in, and, as i know i love reading blog posts where I'm name dropped, if you're my friend, and I think you'll like it, I will specify who it is for, whether it be Brett, Tyler, Sarah, Jessie, Kevin (if it's girly pop) or whomever else. I'm putting the link back on my facebook so hopefully I'll get traffic from the people who care. And, as I feel as if I have enough to say at this point to start blogging before I get to Australia I'm going to be writing about music, movies (such unique interests!), and whatever else I care about whenever I feel like I have something somewhat interesting to say. So I'm not going to continue this unnecessarily long post tonight but if I have any motivation at all I'm going to write a short piece on why Wale's song Shades is one of his best songs, despite the lousy chorus. And, just for myself, tonight was the best Wale show Ive ever seen, with both Wiz Khalifa and the people I was hanging out with and standing around making it a great, great time. So thanks everyone, and if you're interested this should be a quasi-consistent time waster if you're bored at work or at school.

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