Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Kind of Plea and an Observation on Ludacris

There are many reasons why I was a never a very consistent blogger and most of them do not have anything to do with readership. But, if you are reading this and are interested in whatever I'm saying, do me a favor and leave a comment. Here are a bunch of numbered points about why comments are a good idea:

1. If you comment on something, I know someone is reading, which puts me under far more pressure to write.
2.Because I am going to try to make this blog very friend-oriented, what with the personalized links and all, if I know you are reading I will post more stuff that is you-centric. I've got to adjust to my audience.
3.If you are shy and retiring/ just don't want a tiny corner of the world to see what you think, send me an email or a facebook message with a comment, or tell me in person. As long as I know you're reading, I'll have you in mind when I'm writing.
4.If you disagree with me about anything, blog comments sections are good places to foster discussion on why or why not Jersey Shore is the quintessence of Real World, or whether Lil Wayne is a better mixtape rapper or album rapper. As you know, I will argue until someone is convinced or tired.

So those are the reasons I can think of. Please comment. It will be a major help to me in many ways, and will help to keep this blog going.

Ok, to Ludacris. This is a pretty minor observation but has anyone ever noticed that a lot of popular Ludacris songs are just lists?

What's Your Fantasy-a list of places Ludacris wants to have sex with you
Area Codes-a list of the places in the United States that Ludacris knows a girl
Pimpin' All Over The World-a list of the places in the world that Ludacris knows there are girls
Ho-a list of words that have the o sound in them, or can be manipulated into sounding like they do
Blow It Out-a list of things that people can "blow out they a**"

Let me know if you can think of any more.


Satyre said...

i've read this blog before, and i'll read it again man.
that is, as long as you link to my blog as well. Nothing in life is free

and honestly, keep writing and keep sharing, because its the easiest way to improve as a writer.

-nick drew

stephanie said...

i'm still here, and i still believe.
love your blog-friendly friend, stephanie (van)

ps-put my number in your phone, lazy

stephanie said...

pps-i have a friend who is right there with you about jersey shore being the quintessence of Real World. i myself have never really gotten into Real World so i wouldn't know.

The Dude 16 said...

Act A Fool...

A list of things that piss people off.